Who Are We?

Riddlebit Software is a game development company based in Trondheim, Norway. Our aim is to make fun and engaging game experiences, while also developing innovative game technology that stand out. We are currently a team of eight that share the same passion about games and game development.

Current Project - Setback

Setback is an innovative new multiplayer shooter where you don’t kill your opponents. Instead they are rewinded back a few seconds to a previous location.

Players can choose from a variety of different weapons and special consumables. There is a high focus on character mobility with several movement mechanics that can be utilized to move swiftly through the arena. The various game modes (Race, Safe Zone and Capture the Flag etc.) are designed around the fact that being rewinded in time is a disadvantage. We hope Setback will provide a thrilling and engaging experience for those who love fast-paced shooters.

Setback is currently available for wishlisting on Steam. You can also sign up to participate in upcoming playtests!

Our Team

Lars Olav Muri Founder, CEO

Founder, CEO

Lars Olav Muri

Jonathan Jørgensen Founder, Producer

Founder, Producer

Jonathan Jørgensen

Oliver M. B. Nakken Founder, Tech Art & UX Design

Founder, Tech Art & UX Design

Oliver M. B. Nakken

Håvard Aasmo Founder, Lead Developer

Founder, Lead Developer

Håvard Aasmo

Nikolai Holt Developer


Nikolai Holt

Mildrid Johnsen Lead Artist

Lead Artist

Mildrid Johnsen

Robin Arntsen Artist


Robin Arntsen

Lasse Blomsøy Level Designer

Level Designer

Lasse Blomsøy